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Matt Spies began his racing career at the age of 8 years old. He started racing snowmobiles, collecting a world championship in 1989. During that time, Matt raced motocross motorcycles for 11 years. Next came mini sprints which lead to his first winged 360 sprint car ride in 1991 in a care owned by Gary Strube. Spies drove for Strube through 94, collecting three track championships, then taking a few years off after buying a business. Spies then bought his own car in 98 and raced through 2003 winning track championships in 199, 2001, and 2002 with over 50 feature wins. Spies had a very "fun filled" sprint car career.

Spies makes his home in Sprint Lake, Iowa along with his wife Marty and 2 daughters Sammy and Sydney.

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Series #1: Jack McCorkell / Loren Woodke / Marv DeWall
Series #2: Gordy Vogelaar / Rob Tvedte / Jake Peters / Roger Rager